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A New Approach to Information Technology for East Africa.


The Africa Travel Magazine contains lots of interesting information for travellers in
Africa - maps, hotel guides, travel guides and much more. It also has loads of information
and personal-view reports on eco-tourism; but here too you can find out about African food,
events, fashion and more. Why don't you subscribe?
Africa Travel Magazine.

Madagascar Travel.Net Legendary for its profusion of wildlife and flora,
80% of which is found nowhere else on earth,
isolated, Madagascar followed a unique evolutionary
path into enormous tortoises, elephant birds, and
lemurs. Lemurs were the highest primate form on the
island until the Malagasy people arrived
a mere 2000 years ago.
Visit with Madagascar-Travel.Net.

Rainbow Tours in Botswana, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Réunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles and South Rainbow ToursAfrica. Visit this site for information on Birding Tours, Camping Safaris, Cultural Tours, Diving Holidays, Eclipse Tours, Family Holidays, Honeymoons, Islands and Beaches and more. Rainbow Tours

American Language Programs

American Language Programs - Learn Intensive English in the home of your American teacher! English language, homestay, immersion program in Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona, USA! Mention this advertisement and save 10%

Disability Issues from the Disability portal - aims to achieve, through direct involvement of disabled
people on a world-wide basis, a major and truly global portal web site,
the facilities and contents of which will be determined by organisations
for disabled people, as well as disabled individuals themselves.

Anti-malarial protection, insect repellent wipes from BFZee. During Cameron Products' research they discovered the desperate need
in certain area's of the world for a level of protection that we in wealthier
countries take for granted. BFZee Insect Repellent Wipes are available
in three different strengths to suit the environment/climate in which you live.

Howard Lawrence-Brown Deep Sea Fishing, Kenya.
Fantastic fishing along the East African Coast in the beautiful Indian Ocean.
Highly personalised fishing safaris hosting both novice and experienced anglers.
All line classes 6 kg to 36 kg.
Day trips, extended fishing safaris and inland wildlife safaris catered for.
Fishing holidays can include accommodation at a number of recognised
beach hotels within 20 minutes of our fishing centre.

Ellen and Paul's "Out to Africa" site. Travelogues, photos and
videos from their adventures in Africa. South-Africa, Botswana,
Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania (Zanzibar), Kenya and
Uganda. They invite you to take a safari on their
"Out to Africa" site.
Out to Africa.

Links for Africa. Links for Africa. African web directory. Add your African
site or just browse through the African countries for
topics of interest to you.

US - Africa.
Us-Africa L.L.C. is a business consultancy firm with high skilled professionals in
the field of trade, mining, fishing, and project research and development.

If you'd like to view a few samples of our work, just click here.

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