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This document outlines the framework within which any work or service/s carried out or provided by or any of it's associated companies is undertaken. It also outlines the Clients responsibilities. It is not intended to be a complex legal document, we like to work with clients on a "common sense" basis using "best business practice" as our model. Real business issues do, we know, occasionally interrupt the smooth flow of agreements and this document is our way of trying to provide for those situations so that everyone knows the basis they are working on.


Webfundis agrees in exchange for the agreed fee of $650.00, 50% of which ($375.00) is due with this signed Company order, the remaining 50% ($375.00) when the site goes live, to construct and provde a website based on the following :

Material from up to 5 A4 pages (3 images and logo per page if required), a Response form may be one of these pages. Due to the nature of presentation on the web the client may well end up with more than 5 web pages from the material but this is allowed for in the price and ALL pages will be Search Engine ready. (NB. The construction of the site at this price does not include for any moving images, whether animated .gifs, java, DHTML or Flash).

A virtual server on which the site will be hosted for one year; this server will include it's own cgi-bin, unlimited email addresses and re-direction of these addresses, 10 POP 3 boxes if required and up to 100MB of server space, FTP access. (NB. Should your site become a mega hit or a world-wide smash with large amounts of file transfer, we reserve the right to recommend a different server option to accommodate the increased demand on the servers and bandwidth available. This will always be done in consultation with the client. It is something we have to say to cover ourselves against extremes but it is something we have never had to do with any of our clients to date - 5 years!).

A domain name for one year., either .com or or similar.

Alterations, Additions & Updates after site completion: Webfundis undertakes to do minor changes, eg. One off change of phone/fax numbers for $10.00. Other work undertaken on the site by will be charged for on the basis of our hourly rate, at present $40.00 per hour.

Client Responsibilities : Clients are responsible for providing with all relevant material for placing on the website at the time of order (or at a time agreed between the Client and This includes text for all pages, images, logos etc. Please note that apart from minor changes (eg. phone numbers), any alterations to the initial brief, after we have started work on the design of the site, will be charged for on an hourly basis. Our present rate for such work is $40.00 per hour.

Clients acknowledge that the Site Starter Package does not include for any Search Engine Registrations. Clients also acknowledge that having a website on the Internet does not of itself guarantee business or clients. Like any business activity (unless one is very lucky), a successful website venture requires work and effective use of the promotion tools available, i.e. Search Engines and Directories. Many clients may wish to undertake this themselves and we at have a search engine registration package available at extra cost. strongly recommends that Clients undertake Search Engine Registration one way or another. Without such promotion of your site through the Search Engines and Directories, potential customers on the web will not be able to find you unless they have your exact address.

Clients undertake to choose their domain names in accordance with general web principles and in good faith. They also agree to indemnify for any legal or other expenses incurred in any domain name dispute procedure. This is required due to some rather dubious practices by individuals in the past, who have registered names of existing companies and businesses in an attempt to gain a premium price for re-selling the name.

VIRTUAL SERVERS AND SERVERS uses it's own servers and those leased from other providers, both in the U.K. and U.S. Clients are placed on the most cost beneficial option according to their site requirements. Whichever server a Client's site is placed on, the Client will always deal with and will be available for any technical advice required. Although always attempts to be helpful, unless it is part of an Agreement or Contract, cannot undertake the installation of software or the trouble-shooting of client-installed software.

SEARCH ENGINE REGISTRATION cannot be held in any way responsible for the fact that Client's sites are not being registered with any Search Engines or Directories on the Internet. does offer its Search Engine Registration service on a two-weekly submission basis; however, as this is a time-consuming exercise, charges for this service at $175.00 per quarter.


Search Engine placements of your site and keyword combinations etc. can go down as well as up. Not only are the SE/Ds are very much a law unto themselves but there are many others out there, both site owners doing it for themselves and professionals like, trying to get sites as high as possible in the rankings at the expense of others. Often SE/D rankings can change from week to week or at particular points in their updating cycle and one is not always able to remedy this.


The cost for keeping the website on the Internet, together with any domain name costs, for the second and subsequent years will be $200.00 per year. (this does not include any work or changes that may be required on the website).

PAYMENT TERMS requires that 50% of the $650 starter package (i.e. $375) to be paid prior to any work being undertaken, this is to accompany an official company order. The remaining 50% of the cost is payable immediately the site goes live.

Search Engine Submissions and re-submissions are charged on a quarterly basis - i.e. every three months - in advance.


Neither, nor anyone else, has complete control over the functioning of the Internet. We undertake to use our best endeavours to ensure your website is available through the Internet at all times; however, there are many factors such as routing problems, heavy traffic, local ISP problems, name server problems, hardware failures on the international system for which cannot be held responsible (although we do try our best to ameliorate these when they do arise).

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